Junior Spotlight: Jim Brennan

Photo by Viktorija Bieksaite

Jim Brennan (right)

by Devin Duncan
Sports writer

   Dedication and wrestling are very similar. Every practice the wrestlers are pushed to their limit, but their perseverance is what gives them success in one of the most physically demanding sports. That devotion is strongly represented by one of the team’s captains, junior Jimmy Brennan.

Tom-Tom (TT): When did you become interested in wrestling?
Jimmy (J): Ever since I was little wrestling interested me because my family was into it and I was around it a lot. They are the reason I got into wrestling.

TT: Last year you missed the season because of a torn labrum. How are you preparing to come back strong this year?
J: I had high expectations for last year, so this year I would like to surpass them to make up for what I lost.

TT: You were a state competitor freshman year. Are you looking to compete at the same level this year?
J: Yeah, but I’m looking to surpass my freshman year and place at state this year.

TT: How have you stepped up to become a leader as a junior?
J: Whenever we’re in the weight room, I always try to push myself the hardest, and I always help anyone if they struggle with an exercise.

TT: What is the most important aspect for you in wrestling? Why?
J: The most important aspect for me for wrestling is actually two things: Getting better and improving.

TT: In the wrestling room, there is a poster that says “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” Does this relate to you?
J: Wrestling teaches you a lot of self-discipline and pushes you to the limit so I would agree with the poster that once you’ve wrestled, everything else may appear to be a challenge, but I know that I could overcome it with the self-discipline and hard work.

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2 Comments on “Junior Spotlight: Jim Brennan”

  1. anonymous man December 21, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Notice how ‘getting better’ and ‘improving’ are the same thing……


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