Senior Spotlight: D.J. Wohead

Coutesy of Lemont High Schoolby Ben Groselak
Sports writer

   Inspiration can come from many different sources. It can come from the people we meet, the people of fame and celebrity status, or the family that we love. The Tom-Tom was able to sit down with senior D.J. Wohead to talk about what inspires her, how she inspires others, as well as her final competition season as a member of the Lemont Cheerleading Team.

Tom-Tom (TT): First off, you have been part of some really great teams the past few years, how many state championship teams have you been part of?
D.J.: My freshman year team is the only champion team so far in my high school career. However, my sister was a part of the two state championships right before I entered high school, so I like to think I was a part of three. Twice as a number one fan, and once on the mat.

TT: That’s awesome that you’ve been so involved on the program even before your high school career. How big of an influence is your sister on your cheer career?
D.J.: She has always been my inspiration, my role model, and my biggest fan. When the practices get hard, it’s remembering everything that she has accomplished within the sport and knowing how much she believes in me that keeps me going. And as bad as it sounds, there’s also a little bit of sisterly competition between us. I want to match the number of state rings on her hand.

TT: That’s great that you’ve had such an amazing inspiration. Do you feel a responsibility to be this type of inspiration to the younger girls on the team?
D.J.: I’d say that yes, I try my best to be an inspirational senior. Sometimes I’ll think back to my freshman and sophomore year on the team and how I looked up to my seniors. I’ll think about what they did and how they acted that makes me want to work as hard as them, and then try to incorporate those ideas into my actions.

TT: Cheerleading is often considered one of the most dangerous sports with numerous injuries. Have you been affected at all by injury?
D.J.: Other than the daily bumps and bruises, I have had some severe ankle injuries throughout the years. Primarily last year I encountered probably the worst [injury] I’ve ever had to my left ankle, and it happened very close to the most crucial part of our season, a few weeks before state. If it wasn’t for the support of my team I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish off the year. Thankfully after a surgery in April, however, it has gotten much better.

TT: Wow that’s a hard situation to be in, but that’s awesome that you were able to finish off the season because of the support of your team. What are some goals for this season?
D.J.: Our biggest goal this year, in my opinion, is to pull together as a team. Each of us knows that we aren’t on the floor performing for ourselves. We are doing it for every other girl on the mat with us. I think that with that in mind we have become closer as a team than ever before. I’m not going to say that our main goal is to win everything, but I will say that we hope to do well at our conference competition in January. It’s our goal to bring home the conference title for cheerleading, as it’s been three years since Lemont held it.

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