Because We Need Sleep

Mike Gralla

   Does school really need to start at eight in the morning? The answer is no, it does not. The bus that passes by my house picks students up at seven. This means that if students need an hour to get ready in the morning they have to get up at six in the morning.
   If students are going to get their recommended eight hours of sleep they must go to bed at the latest 10 o’clock, which everyone knows no high school student does. Many students stay up to midnight and even sometimes maybe one or two in the morning trying to finish their homework. Many students have after school activities which prevent them from doing their homework until later. If students do their after school activities, come straight home, eat dinner and go right to their homework they might finish just at 10 o’clock which gives them no time to themselves.
   If school start time was pushed back to 9 o’clock or even 8:40 like it is on PLC days, it would give students a better high school experience. They would get more rest and be more alive and awake for first period and the rest of they day. In every class students struggle to stay awake or a lot of the time they end up falling asleep. If students are awake in the morning and not tired they will not be able to fall asleep in class. According to, 31.6 percent of students admit to falling asleep in class many of them blaming the fact that they do not get enough sleep at night because they stay up late. There have been studies done by Hasbro’s Children hospital in delaying school start times an hour or even half an hour and the schools reported higher attendance levels and higher grade point averages. Students getting at least eight hours jumped from 35.7 percents to 50 percent. Students also reported that they had a better day and that they enjoyed school more when they got at least eight hours of sleep.
   If the school start time was pushed back this would also mean that staff could arrive at the school later instead of arriving at the school in the early hours of the morning. Everyone feels better when they get more sleep and everyone would have a better day. The school would be a more enjoyable place to be with everyone being in a better mood.
   If students would get higher grades, attendance levels would rise and everyone would be in a better mood why would anyone not delay the start time of the day. The day would only be an hour shorter with classes already being almost an hour and a half it would not be a big difference to take a couple minutes from each class, most teacher’s would give a couple minutes of class time up to get extra sleep and the same goes with the students.
   To conclude moving the start time of Lemont High School from eight o’clock to nine o’clock would increase everyone’s mood at the high school. If you had the option of getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning you would have to be crazy not to take it. For students to have a better overall experience at high school the start time needs to be pushed back.

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