Open Up the Courtyard for a Better Day

Cassie Smith

   Looking out the window, the students at LHS notice how beautiful the weather is, and all they want is to get out of their cooped up classrooms and enjoy this nice weather. However, they never receive the opportunity to do so. To resolve this desire that the students wish to have, the administration should allow the students to eat their lunch outside in the courtyard (when the weather permits, of course).
   Lunchtime is a great time for students, it is the middle of the day, and it is the time to take a break from the classroom. Students become tired from being inside all day, and what better way to wake ourselves up than being outside, enjoying the sunlight, the cool breeze? Being inside all day, surrounded by artificial lights can cause a slight strain to our eyes. We may not notice it, but research shows that throughout the day when being exposed to artificial lights, it can cause us to feel tired, compared to someone who is outside all day, around the natural light. It shows that we need to go outside more to help ourselves wake-up and create more academic success.
   When the staff allowed students to visit outside in the courtyard for lunch one day, there has only been positive feedback coming back from the ones who participated. Those students felt happy that they went outside and had a change of environment than their regular and boring lunchroom. What staff member would not want to see their students happy? Going outside lets the students have a break, to unwind, even let some energy out. This causes the students to feel better as a whole.
   So we have this nice, large courtyard, why don’t we use it? Well some may say because “students will litter, make a mess, destroy the grass, etc.” When we use the space, the students become appreciative of what is given to them. As long as the teachers put out trash cans, and enforced the kids to use it, then there’s no problem with trash and littering. If you think the students will make a mess, think about it this way: Almost every day, janitors mop the floors of the commons, cleaning up spills and crumbs. If we are outside, and there is grass, cleaning up is not a problem anymore. If we spill something, it just goes into the ground and the crumbs from food will just go away into the dirt, that’s not much a problem.
   Looking back, it becomes obvious why the staff should open up the courtyard during the beautiful weather. It helps students take a break, relax, and feel better throughout their day. Let’s add on some extra time outside and eat lunch while it’s nice out. So make it a good day or not LHS staff, the choice is yours.

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