Where To Go…To Go

Pat Hogan

   How would you feel if the school made you use the opposite gender facility? Transgender students should be able to use their appropriate and/or desired facilities. In these people’s minds they are the opposite sex, minus the plumbing. If they are able to use their desired facilities, they will feel more comfortable. Some may argue that people would be imposed upon. However, try to imagine your discomfort with others deciding for you which gender you “should” be associated with.
   Educational institutions should respect the student’s individual freedoms, especially if it doesn’t interrupt their education. For example, I have long hair and it does not disrupt my peers from learning. Everyone has God-given rights and should be able to express themselves as they please.

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One Comment on “Where To Go…To Go”

  1. Grayson January 12, 2014 at 8:31 am #

    At Lemont High School, Transgender students are legally allowed whichever restroom they please. That doesnt make it any less uncomfortable though. The nurse’s office has a gender-neutral bathroom which is nice. I think school should have more of them.

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