Artist walks among high school

Kristin Headshotby Kristin Washagan
Head Editor


Ryan Rooney and Diana Vera

Diana Vera (left) and Ryan Rooney (right) creating a stop motion video. Photo taken by Josh Traynere.

Since his sophomore year of high school, senior Ryan Rooney has been focused on his art. From painting to sketching, this budding artist has very creative views for the future of his art.

As president of the school’s art club, Rooney helps guide and mentor other students in bettering their skills and letting their imaginations run wild through their work. Although the art club isn’t as active as Rooney had hoped, Rooney has high hopes for the future of the club.

Rooney himself has participated in numerous art shows and contests, including the Wizard of Oz Art Show and the SSC Art Conference. Although Rooney is interested in showing off his art, there are certain works that he has made that he would never sell.

“I would sell some art, but some pieces I just don’t want to let go of,” said Rooney.

Rooney isn’t quite sure how his love for art even began.

“I just started diving into it,” said Rooney. One way or another, art just worked for Rooney.

Whatever the reason for this desire for creation, Rooney has decided on taking this passion to the next level in college. Rooney is attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago this upcoming fall. At this current moment, however, he does not know which focus he will pursue.

To Rooney, art is all about trying new things and discovering what works, on a day-to-day basis. Rooney decides on what subject matters and mediums to use based on his mood that given day.

“It honestly depends on the day,” said Rooney. “Sometimes I’m better at painting; other days, drawing.”

Rooney relies on inspiration and trial-and-error to decide on what he’s going to create.

“Inspiration is a little random,” said Rooney.

Rooney has grown exponentially, not only in talent, but also in the confidence behind his work. From creating self-proclaimed “bad drawings” in middle school to now creating pieces he is willing to share with the public eye, Rooney is taking the local art community by storm.

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