Get lost, Find yourself

by Josh Traynere
Design and Photography Editor


Photo Illustration created by Josh Traynere.

Photo Illustration created by Josh Traynere.

What are you going to do in the future? Do you have any plans after high school? Questions like these plague young teenagers worse than tests and homework.

This got me thinking. During High School, it is a transformative time for young people. A time defined with change and new beginnings.

Art. Dancing. Sports. Whatever it is, almost everyone has a hobby. But very few people continue with it as they grow older.

“I have found it incredibly important to keep a balance between other functions and my hobbies. It is something that I now have to make time for. If I did not make time for my hobbies, I’m afraid I would never do them,” states Lemont High School Alumni, Sara Van Hecke.

Perhaps the hardest thing with setting aside time is the shift in lifestyles. Teenagers go from getting up every day at around 6 AM to a sudden burst of freedom.

For once in life, the people seen as infallible pillars of the community are now on the same level as your friends. They are no longer authority figures, they are peers.

The graduates are faced with amounts of debt if they continue with higher education and moving out and hobbies don’t pay the pays so they simply stop. “If you are not finding enough time for the things that you love, you are doing something wrong,”Hecke believes.

Hobbies play an essential role in what will eventually create a positive and successful person. By giving up the things you love, you give up a piece of yourself that only exists in that interest.

As another class prepares to graduate and move onto new things, it is okay to get a little lost once a while. Life ends eventually and time is precious.

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