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A Parting Poem

by Jarrod Hanson This – is it; This is the end This fun you’ve had – Never Again. Say goodbye To those you know. For soon they’ll be gone – Your acquaintance shall not show. But fret not, For even the Solipsist cannot deny The memories – That passes him by.

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The Importance of Self-love

by Mary Sahs    I think most individuals have a highly optimistic and skewed outlook on what a “relationship” is and what it really means.    It is of course instinctual to think of a relationship as our feelings and interactions with any outer force: a friend, family member, significant other, higher power. But I […]

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Courtesy of Sara Van Hecke

Do You Smell That?

by Sara Van Hecke    Do you smell that? A warm scent of sugar and chocolate fill your nostrils. Or maybe it’s the first, cold and crisp breeze of fall. Or a lingering perfume in your nose that an old friend used to wear. Smells bring back the strongest memories. They create nostalgia. Sometimes it […]

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The Ship

by Jarrod Hanson  Listen to this poem! From the fleet several boats a break Turning ‘twards the rocky reef Dangers not unknown Yet not recognized    For they did not look First come the scratches And the grinding of the boats Upon the shallow rocks Stubbornly they continue the journey A few turning back into […]

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