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BB King

Blues Legend passes, legacy remains

by Kristin Washagan Head Editor   Riley B. King—better known as B.B. King—passed on May 14, 2015 in Las Vegas. The 89-year-old musician’s cause of death was a result of a series of strokes, after spending two weeks in hospice suffering from dehydration. Despite the mourning of his death, fans remember the musician that he […]

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Lemont’s Got Talent

by Natalie Knoepfle News Writer   The LHS Speech Team hosted a fundraiser, “Lemont’s Got Talent”, on Friday March 27, that featured teacher and student bands competing for a shot at the title. The hosts for the night were teacher Scott Collins as Ryan Seacrest and speech team members Dana Kahle, Maria Castrogiovanni, Gaby Laurel […]

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Ryan Rooney and Diana Vera

Artist walks among high school

by Kristin Washagan Head Editor   Since his sophomore year of high school, senior Ryan Rooney has been focused on his art. From painting to sketching, this budding artist has very creative views for the future of his art. As president of the school’s art club, Rooney helps guide and mentor other students in bettering […]

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Darren Shan

Author Spotlight: Darren Shan

by Josh Traynere Design and Photography Editor   Darren Shan is the author of the Cirque Du Freak series, the Demonata series and currently the Zom-B series. He was born and resides in the United Kingdom.  Shan deals with a variety of topics from racism to the loss of friendship. The Tom-Tom had a chance to […]

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Second Chances

The art of giving second chances

by Kristin Washagan Head Editor   It’s easy to get caught up in emotions. In fast-paced circumstances, where words and feelings are thrown into chaos, resentment may easily ensue. But, for a second, try to imagine a world where everyone held grudges. Imagine a world without forgiveness. Who would we be? Forgiveness is what makes […]

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Quarryman Challenge

by Helen Kollarik News Editor   Lemont’s 10th Annual Quarryman Challenge 10 mile & 5k will be run on Sat. May 9 throughout Lemont. “It’s a fun family tradition that we’ve participated in every since I could remember” states Lemont High School senior and veteran runner Katie Faron. According to the Lemont Patch, “Over 1,000 […]

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Best of both worlds? Not in our government.

by Spenser Bailey Editorialist   Though it’s only spring 2015, many in the United States are already thinking about the presidential election coming up in the fall of 2016.   Several candidates have begun campaigning, and many others are expected to launch bids in the coming weeks. This will be the first election that the 2015 […]

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Indiana, Arkansas controversial legislation sparks discrimination debate

by Melissa Smith Editorials Editor   In the past week, a firestorm of comments has erupted over new Indiana legislature, known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The act allows for businesses to deny services to gay or lesbian couples under the guise of religious freedom. That is to say that if a person were […]

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