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Get lost, Find yourself

by Josh Traynere Design and Photography Editor   What are you going to do in the future? Do you have any plans after high school? Questions like these plague young teenagers worse than tests and homework. This got me thinking. During High School, it is a transformative time for young people. A time defined with […]

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Second Chances

The art of giving second chances

by Kristin Washagan Head Editor   It’s easy to get caught up in emotions. In fast-paced circumstances, where words and feelings are thrown into chaos, resentment may easily ensue. But, for a second, try to imagine a world where everyone held grudges. Imagine a world without forgiveness. Who would we be? Forgiveness is what makes […]

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Indiana, Arkansas controversial legislation sparks discrimination debate

by Melissa Smith Editorials Editor   In the past week, a firestorm of comments has erupted over new Indiana legislature, known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The act allows for businesses to deny services to gay or lesbian couples under the guise of religious freedom. That is to say that if a person were […]

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Checks and balances: real or imaginary?

by Spenser Bailey Editorialist   The system of checks and balances has been touted for decades as the glue that holds our government together. The idea that corruption is not possible and that one branch of the government cannot grow too powerful is something that Americans have always been proud of. The President holds veto […]

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We need border reform – responsibly

by Spenser Bailey Editorialist   The border between the United States and Mexico has been a point of contention in American politics for years. Citizens across the nation and members of both parties have clashed over precisely what should be done to stop the flow of people who cross illegally from Mexico each year, and […]

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Solidarity and determination abound as world reacts to Paris shootings

by Spenser Bailey Editorialist   Three weeks ago, several journalists working for French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were murdered by AK-47 wielding Islamic terrorists. The journalists’ crime? Publishing some rather insulting images of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Islamic teachings forbid depicting his likeness because they believe that this supports idolatry. The cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo […]

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Hobbyist or Outlaw?

by Michael Vitt Editorials Writer   When someone mentions the phrase “remote control”, the first thing that often comes to mind is a child’s toy. Although there are remote control toys for children, the remote control hobby has been popular among adults for decades. The hobby of building and flying remote control airplanes, also known […]

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Government 101, The Separation of Powers

by Michael Vitt Editorials Writer The day was June 19, 2014 at Six Flags Great America, and the long awaited roller coaster “Goliath” finally opened up to the public. People waited in line for hours just to get a chance at riding one of the best roller coaster experiences in the country. Now, just imagine […]

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