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Lemont Math Preparing Students to Solve World’s Problems

by Spenser Bailey Editorialist   Starting with the 2014-15 school year, the math department at Lemont High has begun implementing a new way to teach mathematics to students. This integrated curriculum combines algebra, geometry and statistics every year for three years. Math chair Kathy Young stated, “It is similar to when you take English your […]

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Cosmic Collins

by Melissa Smith Editorialist    The cosmos, the harmonious completion and integration of the universe as one, is one of the greatest mysteries ever beheld by mankind. Its length, the extension of its limits, and how long it will exist are some of the greatest questions concerning the cosmos.    According to the TV show, […]

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To Sleep? Or To Study?

Emily Halper Junior    During the ages of 13-17, it is deeply stressed that we as adolescents take on a lot with discovering “who we are”. Well, that is completely absurd! What is really happening is that we are realizing how incredibly hard it is to handle school, socialization, social media, sports, work, college preparation, […]

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Grades Are a Failure: It’s Time for a Better System – Part 1

by Jarrod Hanson Editorialist    Grades are stupid. Of all the issues facing schools in recent times, none is greater than the massive emphasis on these numbers. Their only purpose is to judge; judge how smart a student is, judge how competitive a school is, judge things that should not be judged in a way […]

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