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Best of both worlds? Not in our government.

by Spenser Bailey Editorialist   Though it’s only spring 2015, many in the United States are already thinking about the presidential election coming up in the fall of 2016.   Several candidates have begun campaigning, and many others are expected to launch bids in the coming weeks. This will be the first election that the 2015 […]

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Checks and balances: real or imaginary?

by Spenser Bailey Editorialist   The system of checks and balances has been touted for decades as the glue that holds our government together. The idea that corruption is not possible and that one branch of the government cannot grow too powerful is something that Americans have always been proud of. The President holds veto […]

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Government Returns But Left A Trail

by Brittney Mikrut News writer    On Tuesday October 1, the government went into a shutdown due to an inability to pass a budget by the start of the fiscal year.  A disagreement between the House and Senate caused many government employees to take a vacation.    This isn’t the first time that the government […]

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