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How to get that “Spring Break body”

by Lauren McKevitt Features Editor   With spring break around the corner, it is time to shed those extra pounds from winter and get a body that you feel comfortable in. Whether you’re going to layout on a beach or cuddle up on the couch for the week, here is all you need to know […]

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Stay Fit Summer

  by Dan Loris Sports/Health writer    Summer is coming up and everyone wants to get that cut, tone and beautiful body to walk on the beach with. But how can you prepare for the season?     Well I have learned, asked and experienced a few different quick tips that can help you prepare to […]

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The Silent Majority; Part 1

by Mary Sahs Features Editor, Guest Editorialist    Affecting one in every five teens, it is an epidemic that 20 percent of teenagers are left crippled under the weight of. These diseases which hold an innumerable amount of causes, symptoms and effects, however, are not bodily ailments. Rather, they are a chemical imbalance.    This […]

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Unfold the Cold… Being Frozen Alive

by Juliana Evans News writer    Everyone is aware that the state of Illinois is no trip to paradise during the peak of winter, but this year’s brutal temperatures are leading to much more than a case of the chills.  Two temperature triggering conditions, frost bite and hypothermia, are causing more hospitalizations and reported deaths […]

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Lights Out

  by Dan Loris Sports writer    Can’t sleep at night because of all the crazy thoughts going through your head? Well this is common for most people especially teenagers, with their hectic schedules and activities.    There are so many things you can do to prevent sleep deprivation and I have a few quick […]

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Food Tips for Teens

by Dan Loris Sports writer Do you know how to eat right? Well, most high school students don’t really know how to eat healthy or they just don’t care to.    Eating right begins with your knowledge of the foods that you eat. If you don’t know what’s in your food, you most likely aren’t […]

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Thanksgiving dessert selection

Staying Thin During the Holiday Season

by Dan Loris Sports writer   Trying to lose weight during the holiday season? Here are some tips to prevent gaining weight during your Thanksgiving feasts.    Thanksgiving is that one time of year that everyone likes to pig out and eat as much they can. But how do you know if you’re making a healthy […]

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Young wrestlers stretching

Importance of Stretching

by Dan Loris Sports writer    Why should athletes stretch? Most athletes overtime that don’t stretch end up becoming sore or severely injured.    No one wants to be injured and it is important to take care of your body, especially if you are an active person. Jon DeGuzman, cross country and tennis coach, states, […]

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