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Help for Heroin – Part 3

by Juliana Evans News writer    For many people struggling with an addiction of any kind, our community is fortunate enough to supply multiple treatment processes. As our community has seen an increasing trend in heroin addicts, our state and national government have been trying to accumulate possible solutions.    According to whitehouse.gov, Heroin is […]

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Home Is Where the Heroin Is? – Part 2

by Juliana Evans News writer    The heroin epidemic in DuPage County is shedding light on parents whose children secretly struggled with this addiction. Parents are realizing once it is too late. As the number of overdoses increase, there is a greater possibility it may be a friend or even a relative.    Many addicts […]

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Not So Hero(in) the Suburbs – Part 1

by Juliana Evans News writer    In the last couple years, Heroin use in suburb areas including DuPage County has skyrocketed. It has become an issue in many local high schools and as result; many parents are struggling with the loss of a child due to a hidden addiction.    Young modern users mistakenly believe […]

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