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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…. November?

by Spenser Bailey Editorialist   Christmas has indeed come early this year. However, I’m not referring to the great gift of a state game that the football team has given us. I’m talking about how Christmas has become two months long. Traditionally, the Christmas season began four weeks from the date – at the beginning […]

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Photo Credit to Sara Van Hecke

A December to Remember

by Kevin Lindgren Features writer    Alright, let’s not state the obvious here, but Christmas is 14 days away. Oh well, I tried. It’s darn near impossible to talk about December without mentioning Christmas.      Christmas and December go hand in hand like mac and cheese or like teenage girls and Ugg boots. Christmas […]

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Grass and Snow and Florida and Thoughts

by Michelle Awad Head Editor    The other day in my art class, senior Gina Gallet complained about her upcoming trip to Florida. “I don’t want to go to Florida,” she said. “I don’t actually like going down there, my family just forces me.”    Without hesitation, seniors Kelly Fritz, Nicole Balinski and Maddy Detres […]

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Pumpkin-Spiced October

by Kevin Lindgren Guest Editorialist    The leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooling down (sort of) and small seasonal stores are popping up everywhere. Yes, it’s that time again folks; I’m talking about October.    The refreshing October air means only one thing: fall is here. “The weather is perfect for being outside,” […]

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