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changing of the trays

Changing of the Trays

by Melissa Smith Editorials Editor   Confusion. That is the general reaction from students to the lunch system implemented at Lemont High School this year. Although the system is definitely better for the health and well-being of the students, the confusion over the system has hindered their ability to utilize it. “It’s really complicated and […]

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Open Up the Courtyard for a Better Day

Cassie Smith Junior    Looking out the window, the students at LHS notice how beautiful the weather is, and all they want is to get out of their cooped up classrooms and enjoy this nice weather. However, they never receive the opportunity to do so. To resolve this desire that the students wish to have, […]

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Food Tips for Teens

by Dan Loris Sports writer Do you know how to eat right? Well, most high school students don’t really know how to eat healthy or they just don’t care to.    Eating right begins with your knowledge of the foods that you eat. If you don’t know what’s in your food, you most likely aren’t […]

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