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Indiana, Arkansas controversial legislation sparks discrimination debate

by Melissa Smith Editorials Editor   In the past week, a firestorm of comments has erupted over new Indiana legislature, known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The act allows for businesses to deny services to gay or lesbian couples under the guise of religious freedom. That is to say that if a person were […]

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Cartoon by Erin Bendle

Put On Your Yamaka

by Melissa Smith Editorialist and Krystina Gutierrez Guest Editorialist    Always save the best for last! Or…the oldest?    Judaism is the oldest of the three monotheistic religions, dating back almost 4000 years.    Judaism is based off the Old Testament in the Bible, but the holy book is called the Torah. Some prophets in the […]

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Stack of Qurans

الإسلام عنوان المقال

by Melissa Smith and Krystina Gutierrez Editorialist & Guest Editorialist    Last year, I began writing my third book on a dystopian society where religion was segregated by its holy colors. And that is where the inspiration to pursue Islamic culture began.    By a stroke of luck, I happened to meet the person who would […]

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Christianity Scares Me

by Melissa Smith Editorialist    I need to come out of the closet. I’m a spiritual person. To quote my father, I “believe in God, not in religion.”    In my previous article, I told you I was a Buddhist. I also told you that I have a passion for religion. The thing is, I […]

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Buddha In My Bathroom

by Melissa Smith Editorialist    There’s a Buddha in my bathroom.    Yeah. A Buddha. And every time I use the bathroom, I am constantly reminded that a prominent religious figure is watching me.    The placement of the Buddha is probably out of convenience. I’m pretty positive that most Buddhists don’t worship their religious […]

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Krishna Ate Dirt!

by Melissa Smith Editorialist    I was standing outside, breathless, either from the bike ride up to the building or from the immense temple resting gently on the hill before me. People were milling about the parking lot, dressed in both casual clothes and formal Indian wear.    Even though I had been in the […]

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